Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gift Box Idea for Dad

Today I'm featured alongside the talented Denise Hahn on the Graphic 45 blog as we both share some memory box gift ideas for Dad (or any man in your life). I've supplied a tutorial on my project over there so be sure to check it out. And I'll warn you now, grab a tissue before you read about Denise's heartfelt tribute to her late father. It's very touching to say the least.

My project started with a Graphic 45 12 x 12 inch Matchbook Box and Birdsong paper and embellishments. Full supply list has been provided on the G45 blog.

This is more of a tribute to my husband, Paul, who is a great dad to our teenage daughter. Birdsong was the perfect choice for him because he is half-Japanese. 

I created a hinged panel to the top of the box to showcase this layout of them together on the left, and the actual gifts are tucked inside the box on the right. All instructions are on the G45 blog, as I've mentioned.

Perfect gifts for a guy like Paul: Cigars, matches, golf balls, whiskey, boxers, and chocolate. LOL!

This really says it all about Paul. He's a strict father, not a mushy one by any means, but he gives of himself so selflessly all the time. That's where his love comes from. (Plus, he's funny as hell which we both really love about him.)

Be sure to hop over to the Graphic 45 blog, check out my tutorial, and leave a comment there. You may just WIN something!

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed the project. Have a wonderful day!


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