Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Workshop Sneak Peek #2

Another project in my upcoming Holiday Workshop December 4th is a decorated wine bag. As it's been pointed out to me, this bag doesn't necessarily have to be used to for wine but perhaps cookies, a gift or something else really tall. (Thanks, Lisa.)

I got a bunch of these wine bags online from which carries an array of items perfect for stamping and altering. The selection isn't huge, but the prices are good.

For this bag, I again used the Ornamental Christmas paper pack from Hobby Lobby, plus some fun trims and embellishments. That pretty green pom-pom ribbon is from Close To My Heart's Designer Ribbon Green Collection. The large ornament shape is from Tim Holtz's Alterations Carved Ornaments die and the word JOY is a Movers & Shapers Alterations Die too. Fun!

Personally, when I see the word JOY the first thing I think is wine (and vice versa). You?

So for me, this will be a wine bag for someone very special this holiday season.


  1. You are funny! A nice candle would be a good idea as well. Beautiful bag!!

  2. I love that paper! Shh! Don't tell anyone. ;)


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