Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cruise Recap #2

While waiting for other photos from my fellow cruisers to be shared, I thought I'd post a few more I took from my recent Tim Holtz Crafting in the Caribbean Cruise last week.

If you follow regularly, you saw my ATCs I made to trade on board. Here they are again...

Mine were all Halloween themed.

These are the great swaps I received from other cruisers. Most of them were Caribbean/beach themed, which was appropriate. I'll be adding these to my book with other memorabilia.

Kick-off toast the first night at dinner.

Me taking a dull moment of waiting for the Skyride to act like a geek. At first I thought the sign was a warning that you could fall out of the Skyride car and plunge to the ground. Now I see that it was just a warning that the platform might be slippery. 

Skyriders unite!  (This was in St. Thomas, as you can see.)

This excursion was worth it just to get this great shot of the beautiful view from the top. There's our Royal Caribbean ship wedged between Disney and Carnival. The captain went in sideways, sort of a parallel parking type of thing. Amazing.

St. Maarten was beautiful. This is the beach where I collected shells for our printer's tray project. 

We did some shopping around St. Maarten and then came across this colorful restaurant. We didn't eat there, but I loved the way it looked so I snapped a photo.

We came upon this tree with this (unknown to me) fruit growing on it. They looked like balloons attached to the trunk and branches. 

Back on the ship it was time for Bahama Mamas. Two for one!

Stay tuned the next couple days. I'll be sharing photos of those mini album pages I mentioned in my last post, plus jet-skiing, parasailing and zip-lining!

Have a great day!


  1. SO jealous!!! But also, it is whetting my appetite for our April Crop N Cruise!!!

  2. I eat at the resturant great hot!!!wings. Needs lots of drinks to go with them. Thanks for sharing the photos look forward to more.


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