Sunday, August 7, 2011

50 Years Celebrated

Although it's not their official anniversary yet, we celebrated my parents' 50th Anniversary a bit early this past weekend, due to the fact that they will be on a European cruise/tour during their actual big day (August 19). My brother and sister and our families took them to Seasons 52 in Orlando and had a wonderful night together. We laughed, drank and had the most delicious meals in a trendy yet relaxing atmosphere. The place is great and I would highly recommend it!

My parents were absolutely glowing, holding hands and fully enjoying their night. At one point in the night I asked them what they would say is their secret to a long-lasting marriage. While they both agreed that it hasn't been total bliss every single day, they did say that being friends was key, and with that comes respect, compromise and understanding.

I give them much credit. They truly are friends and enjoy one another's company traveling, taking a drive, or just enjoying a picnic together. (They love their traditions too. My mom still colors eggs at Easter for the two of them. So cute!)

Since most of their family members are living up north or across the country, they opted for their cruise over a traditional family reception/celebration. So I was asked to send out a simple announcement of their anniversary to their closest friends and family to let them know of the happy occasion.

I'm pretty busy right now and thought maybe I could find something nice at the local Hallmark, but nothing really seemed right so I ended up making their announcements with the help of the new Close To My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge and Bliss papers.

Here's the announcement I came up with...

Since I had to make 16 of them, the Cricut cartridge came in handy. The stamped bracket label in the center and the leaf cut are from the Art Philosophy cartridge and the numbers "50" are from the Storybook cartridge. This made quick work out of things.

Just like you would expect, I made an assembly line and put these together in just a few hours time.

I gave one to Mom & Dad to put in their scrapbook, which was also a gift from me and my family. I created four 2-page layouts using the same Bliss paper during the summer, which included my Cherish Club and my Kit of the Month pages. I popped in a few photos from their wedding day and will let them fill in the rest with photos from our dinner party at Seasons 52 plus their cruise.

They were very happy with how the card came out and, of course, with the album. And I learned that even though I make tons of scrapbook pages as a consultant, I don't have to be the one who benefits from them all the time. The feeling of giving them away as a gift to someone I love is certainly worth more than hoarding them until I finally use them myself. 


  1. How wonderful that your parents celebrated their 50th anniversary. You're right -- they seemed to just be beaming. Your announcement cards are lovely. My parents will be celebrating theirs in just three more years, so you've given me some great inspiration. Thanks for sharing this momentous occasion with us.

  2. 50 years is quite remarkable!! Happy Anniversary to them! Your cards are lovely. Great job!!

  3. My parents will be celebrating their 50th this year as well. Love the invites!


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