Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Useful Art

Since I'm on this kick of being frugal this week, I thought I would share what I like to do with my pretty paper leftovers, not to mention stickers and ribbon.

Over the years as a Close To My Heart consultant, I like to keep a well-organized notebook. (If you are also a CTMH consultant, you'll recognize how long I've been in the biz just by looking at these papers.) 

Here's a couple of years worth of notebooks...

I also like to keep a notebook on my daughter's current school year to keep school newsletters, forms, info and such at hand...

As you can see, they're not fancy. An inexpensive binder, a few quick cuts of paper, add a sticker or die cut and maybe some ribbon and done! It's a fun way to keep organized and to use up those scraps.


  1. Good idea Annette, I think I will use it. I sure have lots of extra paper. Thanks for the inspiration

  2. You're amazing! -Ellen K.

  3. Great ideas for leftovers. I need to create a notebook for my chorale music - this will be perfect !

  4. Annette:

    I just put together a CM notebook using leftovers and an empty binder I had on hand. Thanks for the ideas, especially the part about using it to keep your business items in each year.
    Tina Euler


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