13th Birthday - Bringing out the Red Plate

Our baby turned 13 today. It doesn't feel traumatic or anything. Probably because we've endured (I mean "enjoyed") several excruciating (I mean "delightful") years of pre-teen-hood already.

Now we begin what people tell me is quite the roller-coaster ride for the next several years. Well, all I can say is "I'm holdin' on, white knuckled and ready!"

Although the hormones snatch up my beautiful, smart and funny daughter once a month for just a few days, they eventually ease up and allow her to be the amazing kid that she truly is inside. It's really true, I believe, that the joys outweigh the rough spots along the way.

I'll be honest. It's been so crazy around here lately with the holidays, loads of homework, school recital, planning the 13th B-day Rave Party, I completely forgot to make Jamie a card. I got up this morning to work out and it hit me!

So while she was still snoring, I created this card for her. One of her favorite shows right now is Invader Zim and this cartoon guy called Gir.

Apparently Gir is some sort of robot that wears a dog suit...

The show is pretty funny actually. More of an adult level of humor.

Jamie is such a huge fan of the show, can you tell?

Anyway, I finished the card before she woke up, put it on the Red Plate, poured her a fancy glass of apple juice and started making one of her favorite breakfasts: perogies.

What is the Red Plate, you ask?

(From RedPlate.com)
It was a time honored tradition among early American families that when someone deserved special praise or attention they were served dinner on the red plate. Today this custom, so dear to early American families, returns to remind us that a simple reward can mean so much. The Red Plate is the perfect way to acknowledge a family member's special triumphs...celebrate a birthday...praise a job well done...reward a goal achieved...or simply say "You Are Special Today." When the Red Plate is used, any meal becomes a celebration honoring that special person, event or deed. It is a visible reminder of love and esteem. A way of showing someone dear to you that they are appreciated and remembered. The Red Plate is designed and crafted to become a family heirloom as it is cherished and passed from one generation to the next marking life's important milestones. 

Jamie's 4th grade teacher gave this to me as a thank you gift for volunteering in the classroom a few years ago, and we have used it countless times for all members of the family. And it's not just for dinner, obviously...

Jamie loved her card, by the way. And I mean she LOVED it! I know this because she actually put it in a protective envelope and took it to school (middle school!) today to show everyone. I scored some huge Mom points with that one. (She doesn't need to know I whipped it up in a half hour.)

So Happy 13th Birthday to our baby-no-more. I promise to try and keep my sense of humor, my composure, and my hair in my head for the next several years.

Thanks for stopping by today. Enjoy YOUR day.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jamie! So proud of you! Annette, I just LOVE the Gir card! So fun!!

  2. Had to laugh when I saw Pierogies for....breakfast?!? I love Pierogies! They are a staple in our house.

    Happy Birthday Jamie!

    And the Gir coat - adorable!


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