Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Tags of Christmas - #2

Yesterday just got away from me, I guess. I just couldn't find the time to make my Tag #2. Since my mother-in-law's death last Saturday, my brother-in-law has been in town, my father-in-law needs to get out and about, and cremation details needed attending to, so that has taken up some time these past few days.

But never fear, I am back to my Tim Holtz-inspired 12 Tags of Christmas. Although I am working on Tag #2, I have already completed Tags 7 - 12 so be sure to go back in my older posts and check those out.

You'll want to go to Tim's blog and click on the link to his Tag #2. He takes us step-by-step and shows us all kinds of extra techniques and bonus projects. My post will simply show you some things I did differently.

So let's roll! Here's Tim's awesome tag #2...

A more horizontal design this time. Tim created a custom ink pad from Cut & Dry Foam that you simply MUST check out. I've got to find some of that stuff and give it a try. (my friend DiAnn ordered some online, so I'll have to find out exactly where she got it.) It's pretty cool!

And here is my "tag" which is actually a pennant that will eventually string together to make one large banner...

You might notice right off the top that Tim's tag was more of a blue color scheme. But I opted for a more traditional plan. The triangle shape of my pennant forced me to alter the arrangement of the stamped elements, but that is part of the fun. To be inspired, rather than to copy. 

I decided to emboss the Happy Holidays to make it stand out a big more. I like how Tim strategically places a highlight behind something he wants to emphasize in his tag. I did this behind the words Happy Holidays where Tim did this behind his stamped pinecone and pine boughs. My photo looks a bit green here, but if you look at my completed tag image above it, you'll really see this highlight areas I'm talking about.

I want to back up a second and show you the layers that each tag is made up of. You might not have realized this is a two-layer chipboard pennant. I simply used a good strong glue to sandwich them together. The two layers are nice because you can add brads and other things to the top layer and since it's sandwiched, you don't have unsightly prongs on the back side.

When I make my "tags" I don't stamp directly onto the chipboard. I use some Colonial White cardstock, trim it with a sharp blade to the triangle shape, then adhere it after stamping and embossing. Today I was rushing and had my thumb in the line of fire, so to speak, and put a nice deep slice into both my thumbnail and my thumb meat. I love this finger condom, don't you? It's awesome for protecting the open cut from ink, chemicals and other dirty work. (My husband had to put it on properly for me, since he's a guy/expert at this.)

Here was a very serendipitous moment! I didn't have the ribbon that Tim used, so I grabbed some satin-edged white organdy ribbon and inked it up with Forest Moss ink on both sides. I wanted to be sure the color was set, so I put the heat gun to it and WHOA it started to shrivel and shrink up. Cool! So I did this with both red and green inks to two pieces of ribbon.

See how cool it turned out? I love it when stuff like that happens! Just be careful not to heat it too close or for too long because you'll burn a hold right through it. (believe me, I did it.)

I didn't have Tim's pine bough stamp or pinecone, so I decided to use the holly stamp from his Holiday Wishes stamp set instead. I stamped it in Forest Moss and clear-embossed it. I added some Holiday Red Stickles to the holly berries for a finishing touch.

Here's another look at my completed "tag." (You can get a really good look at it by clicking on the photo.)

Thanks again for popping in today and checking out my artwork. I'm off to have lunch with hubby now. Enjoy your day!


  1. I am really loving this pennant (tag)! How did you get the back of the pennant with the scallops? Did you use a punch? Can't wait to see #3!

  2. Um, that is the first time I heard one of those finger cots described as a "finger condom"! :P Nice tag/pennant!

  3. @Dawn-Marie, Thanks! The pennant with scallops is part of the Maya Road "Mixed Scallop Triangle Banner Album" kit. I meant to mention that again, but forgot. This link will take you directly to their site so you can see the album:

  4. Annette again girl amazing!!! I love that Happy Holidays stamp!!! we just it in at the store. OMW I never laughed so hard about your fingure you know!!! my husband had to show.....lololololol hehhehhe that was to cute...sorry about getting cut but that is really a great idea...might have to go get some. I am loving your banner tags...

  5. This pendant is so beautiful! Love how you were inspired by Tim.

  6. Hi Annette, I have been following your daily posts and I really do love your ideas. You have inspired me to make a banner for next year (maybe with the new banner CTMH has coming out). Keep up the great work!

  7. Love the pennant tag. Sorry you got injured..the finger condom bit was hilarious.

  8. Gosh Annette, I feel so behind in the news. I'm sorry for your loss - it's difficult any time but at the holidays, I think even more so. I'm keeping your family in my prayers.

    The tags are amazing - I love your ribbon adventure - that is really neat! The crafting injury - well, I, too, can't be trusted with sharp objects! I love the finger condom idea!!!

    Merry Christmas!


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