Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Wall Hanging - my first piece for sale

There have been some changes happening around here lately, and one of them is that I've gained a little extra time to create! (more on why later) So I have set aside Mondays as my Create-To-Sell day. This means that every week I will be creating at least one new item that will be posted on my Etsy shop that will be available for purchase.

Unlike Ebay, Etsy is not a bid and win shopping environment. Etsy is specifically designed for personal creations by artisans of all kinds. And sometimes you might find supplies to purchase to create your own handcrafted items. There are all sorts of wonderful finds on Etsy, so make sure you check it out. From knitted cuties like my monkey coffee sleeve shown here (I got this from castlegate on Etsy. You can get yours at her link) to paintings, to scrapbooks, home decor, jewelry, you name it, they've probably got it!

I plan to create all sorts of papercrafted art with a vintage/mixed media flair. And, of course, coffee stuff will likely be offered as a regular thing.

My first piece is this Halloween Wall Hanging.

All the details to this piece are listed on my Etsy shop with measurements and products used. But I think you can see that it is a substantial piece that can be used year after year. Lots of Tim Holtz findings, stamps, dies and embellishments have really pulled the whole thing together.

Here are a few close-ups and detail shots of each panel. (remember you can click on each photo to see an enlarged view.)

Many of you who know me know that I designate my Mondays as cooking day for my elderly in-laws. I spend the majority of the day cooking all their meals for the week, clean up the disaster I've made, then deliver the goods. This has worked out well for the past four years.

But as time has passed and my mother-in-law's Parkinson's has steadily added more challenges to daily life for all of us, my husband and I have decided that it's time for help. After much research and visits to local facilities, we have decided upon an assisted living center just a few miles from here. What a perfect solution for everyone! We were delighted with The Town Square in Viera and took action right away getting things rolling. In fact, we are moving the in-laws in this Saturday.

The next couple of days will be spent packing and getting the immediate things organized for the move, then we will have over a month to take care of the details of closing out their condo rental.

Since The Town Square provides three meals a day, this has eliminated my cooking duties on Mondays. I will miss that part of my weekly routine to be honest with you. I love to cook and I have enjoyed helping them out in this small way. But I now can look forward to doing something I have always wanted to do: create things I love and share them with others who love them too.

So we'll see how it goes, and I'll do what I do.  Thanks for looking and enjoy your week. Be sure to stop by each week to see what's new.


  1. Annette, you sound like such a beautiful person! And this work of art is gorgeous - I'm sure that it will sell quickly.

  2. Fabulous! Move over Tim Holtz here comes Annette!! Love it I mean really LOVE IT!!

  3. Annette, that is so beautiful! Nice job.

  4. Absolutely amazing:-) Truly a hard family decision to make, but needed. Best wishes to you and your family for a easy transition.

  5. Oh! I love this piece! And I recognize the paper! You are truly a talented person!


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