Friday, October 29, 2010

Army of Chocolate Frogs

Running out the door this morning for the in-laws Estate Sale. Had to post a few quick shots of the chocolate frogs I mentioned yesterday.

My daughter is having a Halloween/Harry Potter party today at school and apparently there was some reference to chocolate frogs in the first book. If you know, please refresh my memory.

Anyway, I hope many middle schoolers are happy with these little treats.

More later. Have a good day!


  1. They look great! Check out my blog post for the treats I made for it.


  2. Yes there is mention of chocolate frogs when they are riding the Hogwartz express and the candy cart sells them some and one hops out the window LOL. Yes it does definitely in the movie too.

    Great job on them by the way :D

  3. Those are so cute! The kids will love them.

  4. These are FABULOUS!! I remember the chocolate frogs, too, Iona nailed it! LOL
    Nice work!


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