Friday, May 21, 2010

The Graduate

Here's our not-so-little graduate with proud parents. (Notice me and my not-yet dried up tears.) A first of many milestones in her life, Jamie graduated from elementary school today. Seven years at Suntree Elementary; a wonderful, outstanding school! We will surely miss it.

What a fantastic ceremony they put on this morning. Two hours long, and enjoyable for me every second. I smiled through the entire thing (until the tears starting flowing) because of not only my child, but all the children Jamie has befriended and that I have come to know through Girl Scouts, volunteering in the classroom and chaperoning field trips. My favorite part was the slide show of random photos throughout the year of the 6th graders, set to the perfect music selection. Such a great year for Jamie. Probably her best yet. Excellent teachers, fun education, great friendships.

Here are a few shots snapped today...

Jamie walks in for the graduation march.

She was recognized for several art awards, club involvement, and grade excellence.

Jamie opening our graduation card.

So impressed with the handmade card, I don't think she noticed the money inside. Do you?

With best bud Natalie after the ceremony.

And finally, her with Mrs. Duschl, her beloved homeroom/Reading teacher whom she thanks for her newfound love for reading.

It was an excellent day and an excellent end to a wonderful year. Summer begins with relaxation, summer camp, and lots of girl time with my "baby."


  1. What wonderful pictures! It takes me back in time to when Alan was finishing his elementary school years. Tell our sweetie that her hair looks glorious!!!!!

  2. Congrats Jamie, and "great job" parents !!


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