Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dirty hermit works on contest entry

This week is a very special one for me because I am working on a contest entry for CTMH's convention this summer. I have until this Saturday to get a 12-page album in the mail, and I am working feverishly as many hours each day as my body can tolerate. I feel like a hermit. I don't go out, I don't put on make-up (Egad!), I didn't brush my teeth yesterday until after lunch, and - gross - I didn't even take a shower at all yesterday! Needless to say, my shower this morning felt supremely wonderful.

Of course, I cannot show you any pictures of what I'm working on. It's my little secret. But I will tell you that the theme for the album contest is simply "Picture This" and there are requirements we must meet for each two-page layout such as: More than 10 photos, Black & White/Sepia photos, one Studio J layout, etc. My album, no matter what comes of this contest, will be a treasure to me and my family when it is all complete, and that is what I promise to remember if I do not win.

What do winners get? First place wins every single new product in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book. This is a huge deal since the A/W issue is the big unveiling issue each year. New products galore! And I'm a huge Fall/Halloween/Christmas freak, so that makes the prize even more enticing. Second place wins every new stamp set, which is what I won two years ago at Convention. And that is a sweet reward, let me tell you! Third place wins all the new accessories. I will be thrilled just to be selected in the top 10, which will be on display for all consultants to also have a chance to vote on. It's as exciting as it is exhausting entering this contest. And on that note, I have to get back to work!

So who's the photo of, you ask? That's my sweet mother-in-law Saiko on Mother's Day. I didn't want to leave her out of the Mother's Day wishes. She'll be turning 89 next month. She has Parkinsons, but her mind is just as sharp as ever, and she smiles every single day. It was amazing that she let me take this photo of her, since she usually goes nuts if I get out the camera in her presence. She simply said, "Well, I can't get up, so go ahead and take the picture." I guess she would have run out of the room otherwise. That's what she used to do years ago.


  1. Oh Anette! I love this photo - your Saiko is just beautiful - in that lovely grace of wisdom! Your photo is very touching. I'm glad she didn't run from you this time.

    Keep working - I'll be patient and wait right here.

  2. That is a GREAT picture of Saiko! Happy Mother's Day to her -- wow, 89 is remarkable, I'll say. Are you going on the field trip this Friday or will you be working away? Hope to see you. Now, keep working and get first prize this year!!;-)


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