Monday, May 17, 2010

Breathing again

Well, my album for the contest is complete and was shipped off on the final deadline day, barely. UPS said since it was Saturday, they'd have to postmark the box for Monday, the 17th. No can do, I said. It HAS to be postmarked for the 15th. So they did something in the computer to create a label with the 15th on it instead. Whew! Now I can breathe and relax. The album turned out as well as I would have hoped and I am very happy with it. Regardless of the outcome, it will be a treasure to my family and I hope to build and add on to it as the years pass.

It almost killed me, this thing! I mean, I literally didn't do anything but work on this album all day and late into the night until I finally couldn't see anymore. Six days straight, about 13 hours a day. And each spread took about the full 13 hours. Ridiculous! But the cool thing is the process one goes through when working on an album to this degree. I learned so much in researching our family, and I also reflected back on my own life. There were times when I would just stop and think how interesting life is, how two people come together, and how important it all is to generations down the road to have some documentation of it all. I'm sure you've figured out by now that my album has a family history theme to it. It doesn't go back far at all. I didn't dig up facts through or anything like that. I spoke to family members and poured through photos and asked more questions and poured through even more photos and documents. It was quite enlightening for me and for the rest of the family too.

No photos for now. Once Convention is over (July 11) I'll post them. I promise. For now, I'll just share my little teaser photo at the top of this post. And this week, I'll be back to creating new stuff for you to see! Thanks for all the well-wishes and e-mails on the contest. You all are too good to me.


  1. You're going to make us wait! Well, the teaser photo was very impressive! Can't wait to see it, I'm sure it's beyond all our expectations!

  2. Annette: I'm looking forward to viewing your album at Convention. I just came off our Bulletin Board where I left you a message that I would be visiting here on your blog. Love your work and since it's very late (2:30 a.m.) I will continue perusing your blog tomorrow. I live in N. Fort Myers, FL, so not too far from you. Again, love your work.


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