Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dogs are People Too

I'm not an extreme animal fanatic, but I do love dogs. I have to admit I really don't care for cats at all. It's not really ME who doesn't like THEM, it's them who don't like me. Example 1: my sister had a cat when we were growing up. I didn't mess with it. I tried to be nice to it. But that guy simply had something against me. I would come home from work in the afternoon and he would attack from out of nowhere by latching on to my feet! (no I didn't kick him, but really wanted to.) Another example: my friend had a cat, and while I waited for my friend to finish getting ready to go out, I sat with the cat on my lap. He put himself there, all on his own doing. I sort of massaged his scruff on the back of his neck (dogs always seem to like this) and all of sudden this cat sinks his teeth into my hand at the meatiest part of my thumb! I mean deep, too. I was bleeding out of these two fang holes when my friend emerged ready to go. Final example: My previous neighbor had two cats. She thought of those guys as her children. She would sometimes go out of town and ask me to CAT SIT!?!! (OMG, if she only knew.) I indeed did cat-sit for her a number of times over a year's span until one day when my then 3-year-old was playing outside and one of the cats came up to her. Jamie crouched down to pet him only to have this sweet little kitty launch at her FACE (yes, I said FACE) and proceed to bite her across the bridge of her nose! That was the last of cat-sitting for me. I'm not afraid of cats. I just don't like an animal that is so unpredictable. Now find me a cat who has no claws, no teeth, no attitude and will lay down when you tell it, then I'll reconsider my feelings.

Now dogs on the other hand are not animals in my opinion. They are simply people with tails. I absolutely love just about any dog out there. I look into their eyes and I see a person in there. A person who wants to be loved and to love back and will do just about anything to accomplish that. My dog Suki is no exception. She's not the best dog on the planet. She's very shy and sometimes stubborn, but she is a love. That's what her name means in Japanese: LOVE. I could go on and on about how much I love her, but instead I am sharing my scrapbook pages I did yesterday. They aren't completely finished yet. I'm waiting on my stamp set with all these cute stitches on it ("Togetherness") to add the final touches. I think that scrapbooking about your pet is just as important as scrapbooking about your family. They are a part of your family's history, and like small children, they grow up very fast. I realized as I created these pages and selected the photos that I had not really noticed the changes in her appearance that much on a daily basis. These photos really help us remember her first year's growth.

These are new CTMH papers called "Topstitch" and the layouts come from the Reflections book. The left page pattern is Sidebar – Balancing Act (with a few cutting adjustments by me) and the right page is from Main Frame – Quilt Blocks. The cute little pinwheels are actually soft suede embellishments. And the other embellishments are all from the new Colonial White Mini Medley accents. The title utilizes the new "Irresistables - Lots of Dots" alphabet stickers. These are really cool! They are plain white and have a tiny dot pattern that resists ink. So all you do is marker over them (or daub ink from a stamp pad) and they create these great patterned letters. (To see this detail up close you'll have to click on the photo.) All of these items are available through my CTMH website. And will be on display at my open house this weekend.

I apologize in advance to my cat-loving friends. Just hoping you'll understand where I'm coming from if I come over to your house and don't go ga-ga over your kitty.

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  1. I understand what you mean about cats, although I do love cats. My son has a cat who thinks he is only hers! She growls, bares her teeth, and bites anyone in his house, including his girlfriend. His friend calls her the Devil's spawn, and I believe him. Carol H.


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