Saturday, September 19, 2009

The 45-year Old Virgin Blogger

First day of blogging for me. Had to get my 11-year-old to help me get it rolling. Sad truth. I have struggled for months over whether I should even blog in the first place. What's the purpose? I thought blogs were purely for the narcissistic. Still kinda feel that way, but figured that it might be fun, and it might lead me somewhere in this life of mine that seems to be on cruise control. For the most part I'll be making an effort to blog in a positive and inspiring manner, but life isn't always positive and inspiring, so we'll just see how it goes.

So here's how I see it happening. As a former graphic designer-turned self-proclaimed- papercrafter-extraordinaire, my days are filled with creativity. Each day is a journey, a creative journey. Thus the title. I currently work at home as a Close To My Heart Consultant, and I work pretty darn hard at it. Just ask anyone. It's a lot of fun - truly - and I have made some pretty great friends doing it. So I will likely be posting a lot of my artwork and happenings with my business. But you'll also get a glimpse at my perspective on daily life and that's where the narcissism kicks in. So if you enjoy that kind of thing - great.


  1. Welcome to the bloggin' world, mommy!!!

  2. Annette, I so like your work and love that I will be seeing more of it on your blog than what you post on LL - I hope. Yes, it is for narcissists, or maybe just people who love strokes. Each comment is another stroke. You really do quality work and it shows. Looking forward to more.

  3. Am excited to follow your blog. I know from my sister that you are a great crafter and have delicious ideas so I will be watching. Pleeaasse don't leave anything out, lol!!! BYW, loved the story about your M-I-L. Happy Blogging.

  4. Oh, oh, now you've gone and done it! Like you didn't have enough to keep your creative juices flowing in high gear! Thanks for sharing as always! ~Debbie


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